Indigenous Global Funding Home Building AcademY

Indigenous Global Funding Home Building Academy’s aim is to provide young people the same opportunities their parents received.  After participating in 250 training hours and 128 on-the-job hours, graduates of the Apprenticeship 2 Work™ will be unrivaled in their fitness for employment in the fast-growing construction sector. Young adults enrolled in partnering high schools who have proven their desire, aptitude, and commitment to work in the construction industry, must have the ability to participate fully in an intensive training program – this means a commitment of up to four hours, four days each week. Indigenous Global Funding offers funding assistance to builders, welders, general contractors, and construction who will train our young people and put them on the path to success. A few of our  partners: National Construction Company, All American Contracting Company, Howell Home Improvement, North American Technology Marketing and more.